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"See ya later, guys, I'm off to do BIG things," was Callie Wright's signature farewell whenever she left her parents' home.

While her life was tragically cut short, her legacy of BIG things for the lives of young people lives on in Callie's Kids. Now you have a chance to do BIG things in children's lives as Callie's own legacy of giving lives on through the foundation created in her memory. 

After Callie, a student in law school, was killed in a tragic automobile accident in 2009, her parents, family and friends established a nonprofit foundation in her name. 

Today, Callie's Kids offers art enrichment opportunities to children, especially those who otherwise may not have the chance to be exposed to the arts. Arts enrichment should be fundamental to the education of every child in Alabama.

Research shows that children who learn music and arts have improved educational, social and personal outcomes. Participation in the various art disciplines helps children increase their creative thinking and problem solving skills and promotes personal development. From theater to painting to dance, dozens of children were served in the very first year of the foundation's existence. 

We need your help to continue and expand these programs to many more children throughout the region. Help increase children's self esteem, improve life skills and provide a well rounded education that centers on the arts for children across the region by giving to Callie's Kids. 

Through tax deductible donations to Callie's Kids, you too can be part of Doing BIG Things With the Arts and building a better community for our children. 

  • Callie's Kids is a 501 ​   3 nonprofit organization founded in memory of Callie Wright, who died in a tragic car accident. 

  • Callie's Kids supports the Alabama Alliance for Arts Education, believing all children should have equal opportunities to discover and develop their talents. 

  • Callie's Kids is a proud partner of the Talladega City and Talladega County School Systems. 

  • Callie's Kids is a proud partner of the historic Ritz Theatre and the Missoula Children's Theatre program. 

  • Callie's Kids partners with other agencies to provide enrichment opportunities for children throughout the community. 

  • Callie's Kids thanks the community and our partners for giving children a chance to do BIG things in their lives.  




Twenty-three-year-old Callie Wright died in a car accident in Talladega County August 1, 2009. 

She had an unparalleled zest for life, always active in, as she put it, "volunteering my time for the greater of good."

At the time of her death, she was a student at Birmingham School of Law and was on schedule to graduate with a J.D. Degree in May 2012. She attended the University of Mississippi where she was on the dean's list and graduated from the University of Alabama, where she also was on the dean's list, earning a degree in Criminal Justice. 


A native of Talladega, she graduated with an Advanced Diploma from Talladega High School. 

She was a member of Alpha Sigma Phi National Criminal Justice Honor Society, a nursing home volunteer, pledge class representative and Junior National Panhellenic Association Representative during her college years as a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. You can learn more about Callie on her personal Facebook page. 

In her own biography, she wrote, she was a "PROUD" graduate of the University of Alabama. I'm working on completeing my JD Degree from Birmingham School of Law. I spend my weekdays as GDR's legal assistant and my weeknights preparing for class. When I do find spare time, it is spent with the best friends anyone could ask for and Rubie (her Irish Terrier)...

Perhaps her favorite quotations give the best insight in how Callie lived her life: 

"The person who does things that count, usually doesn't stop to count them."

"Where I was born and where and how I have lived is unimportant. It is what I have done with where I have been that should be of interest."

Callie's Rose.JPG

"See ya later, guys, I'm off to do BIG    things!" 


-Callie Wright

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